Jupiter Asset Management

11 June 2019 | Luxembourg investment fund community  

Located at the heart of the EU, Luxembourg was the ideal hub to headquarter Jupiter AMI, which is also responsible for the oversight and supervision of six European branch offices in Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Becoming a member of ALFI was a natural confirmation of Jupiter’s long-term commitment to Luxembourg and our European clients. The asset management industry operates in an increasingly regulated environment. While regulation can reinforce trust in the industry, it also makes it necessary for Jupiter and its peers to have a strong and representative voice when engaging with regulators and lawmakers. "In ALFI, we have an industry body with global reach that offers an outstanding platform to support Jupiter in its strategic expansion. As an ALFI member, we look forward to gaining access to a diverse and first-class network of professionals within the industry and to contribute to the conversation on the industry’s future via working groups, white papers and the shaping of new guidelines and recommendations. Jupiter also plans to be present at the many events organised by ALFI in Luxembourg and worldwide, giving us the opportunity to connect with major decision makers at an international level", says Maximilian Guenzl, Executive Officer at Jupiter Asset Management International.