Outlook 2025

ALFI’s Technical Committee Risk Management is the Center of Excellence for Luxembourg risk management professionals fostering an in-depth risk culture for members and the market overall.


Our mission


The Risk Management Technical Committee is a group of UCITS and AIF risk professionals that are open to and looking beyond the risk management community.

The Technical Committee is an active platform of experts supporting market participants being members of ALFI, irrespective of their nature and scale of operations and their various risk profiles, in  measuring, assessing and managing the risks impacting Luxembourg Management Companies and the investment funds.

People who want to become risk management experts get an opportunity to contribute and increase their knowledge and competence for the benefit of the Luxembourg market place.

  • Ambassador for Luxembourg’s well-established risk management community ensuring visibility within the global fund industry for Luxembourg’s subject matter expertise in risk management,
  • Development of risk management industry standards and best practices based on expert discussions by industry professionals,
  • Moderation of an industry voice when participating in risk management consultations issued by national and international bodies,
  • Facilitate regular communication between professional market participants and act as a forum to establish and maintain an active Luxembourg risk management community,
  • Maintaining working relations with regulators, other associations and groups involved in risk management,
  • Oversee the creation and operation of risk management working groups and coordinate promotional and other lobbying activities,
  • Coordination point for providing Risk Management subject matter experts’ input on other ALFI working groups/technical committees.
  • Contribute to learning & development activities for risk management in collaboration with local organizations