ALFI membership provides you with unparalleled access to the asset management and investment fund community in Luxembourg and beyond.

ALFI has been around since 1988 to represent and serve an industry at the root of European economic growth and innovation. The association represents around 1,500 companies that over time have put together their efforts, knowledge and resources to engage in constructive dialogues with policy makers, advocate for a robust regulatory framework, open new markets for investors, produce guidelines and best practices and expand Luxembourg’s influence and know-how worldwide.

Our members are offered a platform for discussions about key industry issues, for reaching common standards, developing best practice recommendations and articulating with one voice feedback on initiatives of the European Commission and other international institutions. All of these activities are undertaken and coordinated by ALFI technical committees and forums, which are open to all ALFI members. 

Types of membership

ALFI has three types of membership: full members (i.e. “fund” members and “non-fund” members)), individual members and associate members.

Full members

The following may be full members, provided that they are established and authorised to carry out their activities in Luxembourg, and regardless of their legal form:

  • Undertakings for Collective Investment and other investment vehicles;
  • Providers of  services to the Luxembourg collective investment management industry, such as but not limited to:
    • Banks or credit institutions;
    • Fund and asset management companies, investment managers and investment advisers;
    • Other professionals of the financial sector;
    • Independent auditors;
    • Legal advisors;
    • Other service providers offering specialised services to the fund and assets management industry.

Individual members

The following may be individual members:

  • Fund industry professionals involved in the fund industry through directorships/advisory/consultant roles, with connectivity to Luxembourg, that meet the below criteria:
    • Sponsorship by two non-related full members (including investment fund members);
    • Not an employee, partner or owner of an existing or potential full or associate ALFI member with more than one employee;
    • No criminal record, significant administrative fine or other sanction from any regulatory agency;
    • Compliance with the ALFI articles of association, rules of procedures and ethical rules of the profession.

An independent non-executive director must meet an additional criteria:

  • at least one of the mandates is with a full or associate ALFI member.

Associate members

The following may be associate members:

  • Fund industry players established abroad, provided that they offer services to full members.


Admission, rights and obligations

Funds and other eligible industry players that comply with the ALFI articles of association, rules of procedures and ethical rules of the profession become members if approved by the Board of Directors. If an applicant is rejected, he/she may refer the application to the General Meeting, which shall take a definitive decision.

Members undertake to provide the General Secretariat with all non-confidential statistical data whose collection the Board of Directors deems useful to the carrying out of its mission.

All members are entitled to attend the General Meetings, to receive the reports of the work of the Technical Committees and, in general, to receive all ALFI publications.

However, associate members do not participate in the decisions of the Association's governing bodies and are not taken into account in determining the majority and quorum conditions stipulated in these articles of association or by the law. Only full and individual members have the right to vote. 

Individual members are not eligible for board membership.

Annual contributions

ALFI has both variable and fixed contributions. Article 19 of its Articles of association explains which type of contribution is applicable to the various member types. The levels of annual contributions are approved by the Annual General Meeting based on a proposal by the Board of Directors. According to the Association's Articles of incorporation, total variable annual contributions to be paid by member funds from a single promoter may not exceed Euro 130,000.-, and the fixed annual contribution may not exceed Euro 20,000. For more details please refer to the modalities of contrib

The amount of the annual contribution paid determines the number of votes at the Association's annual General Meeting (1 euro of contribution = 1 vote).


Practical information

To become an ALFI member, please fill in and return the membership application form together with a copy of your statutes/articles of incorporation (ref. membership application form). If you are applying for the individual membership, please note you also need to provide a statement with two full ALFI members acting as sponsors and casier judiciaire.

The internal rules are available in the Members section or upon request for applicants from the Secretariat.

Applications should be sent to:


P.O. Box 206 L-2012 Luxembourg

12, rue Erasme

L-1468 Luxembourg 

+352 22 30 26 - 1