One of the objectives of ALFI is to continuously improve the level of professionalism in the Luxembourg fund industry. 

To this end, ALFI cooperates with the House of Training to offer a coherent training and diploma structure designed to meet the specific needs of professionals operating in the investment fund industry.

Launched in 1999, the Investment Fund Training Certificate is awarded to candidates who pass examinations in all specialist areas, giving the title Senior Fund Specialist.

In order to meet the practical needs of the industry, ALFI and IFBL have chosen a specialisation-based approach.  Specialisations in fund accounting, law, depositary bank, transfer agency, compliance and real estate are currently offered. The award of a diploma in any area is conditional on successful completion of several course modules covering the key subject areas for the chosen specialisation.

The course catalogue is continuously expanding with new trainings being elaborated by the ALFI training committee.

A list of the currently offered fund industry related training courses can be found on the House of Training's website.

Professional qualification in investment funds