What is ALFI NextGen?

The ALFI NextGen initiative wants to increase the visibility and influence of the fund industry’s young professionals by creating spaces or contexts where they can bring in new ideas and take part in discussions and projects that are key to the Luxembourg fund industry.

In the context of the ALFI NextGen initiative, ALFI defines the next generation (NextGen) as a group of Luxembourg young professionals having a maximum of 10 years working experience in the employment market.

Their overall work experience does not have to be in the financial industry only, it can also be in other fields. These young professionals are usually between 25 and 35 years old and focus on topics such as sustainable investment, technology and employment among others.


Next gen refers to the community of young professionals in the Luxembourg fund industry

Next gener is a member of the above-mentioned community.

ALFI NextGen is the name of the ALFI initiative to engage with this community

#ALFINextGen is the hashtag that will identify all projets and events related to this initiative.


How was the initiative born?

The ALFI NextGen initiative was born out of the need to make the Luxembourg fund industry more attractive to younger professionals and aspiring leaders.

Next geners in Luxembourg have shown interest in participating in key developments and decision-making processes of the fund industry, underlying their will to have a more active role in the industry rather than remaining passive.

ALFI wants to give these young professionals a voice by carrying out content projects, workshops and events around key topics that matter to the them and have or will have an impact on the fund industry.

The first fruitful project took place in October 2022 in the format of a workshop that included roundtable discussions.




The three ALFI NextGen goals

With this initiative, ALFI aspires to:

  1. Get nextgeners closer to and more involved in the investment fund community, for instance, by increasing their participation in our working groups, ALFI conferences and other events, etc.
  2. Raise fund industry players' awareness about the importance of including nextgeners in key developments that will impact the fund community.
  3. Take a more active part in the career development of nextgeners thanks to ALFI stakeholders' experience and networking opportunities.





The first ALFI NextGen action

ALFI NextGen kicked off with the Power Networking Event that took place on 27 October 2022. The content below - video, photo collage and infographics - summarise the best moments of it.

The infographics, called "Buzz sessions", gather the ideas shared by the different discussion groups that took place during the Power Networking Event.

NextGen Power Networking

Pictures of October 2022

NextGen Power Networking

Pictures of July 2023

Upcoming NextGen Event

#ALFINextGen Buzz Sessions

Nextgeners, experienced professionals and facilitators discussed 3 main topics: The Workplace, Sustainable Investment (ESG) and Technology. The infographics presented below contain the main takeaways of the ideas shared.


NextGen Buzzsessions 2022
NextGen Buzzsessions 2022
NextGen Buzzsessions 2023
NextGen Buzzsessions 2023