ALFI encourages education at all levels

For beginner or amateur investors, we are implementing the Understanding Investing initiative whose objective falls into the growing need to improve the financial literacy of European citizens. By means of useful tutorials, the platform explain the risks and benefits of an investment fund and dissects relatively complex investment terms so they are accessible to most people.

For the experienced investor, we provide a wide range of information at We furthermore work closely with the University of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg House of Training on various educational projects for students and professionals.

ALFI employees commit themselves to financial education, for example by teaching anti-money laundering classes at the University of Luxembourg or by regularly receiving students for general presentations about the Luxembourg fund industry.


Support to the new generation of talents

In 2022, the ALFI NextGen Initiative was born out of the need to make the Luxembourg fund industry more attractive. The aim to increase the visibility and influence of the fund industry’s young professionals and aspiring leaders by creating spaces or contexts where they can bring in new ideas and take part in discussions and projects that are key to the Luxembourg fund industry.

In addition, ALFI participates in the Job Shadow Day programme organised by Jonk Entrepreneuren (JEL), which allows students from age 16 to “shadow” a business leader over the course of their working day, offering a valuable hands-on experience of the business world.

By participating in this programme, students can deepen their understanding of:

  • The importance of a relevant academic background,
  • The prerequisites for achieving career goals, and
  • The meaning and importance of teamwork within a company.

In October 2021, ALFI renewed of its human and financial support (bronze sponsorship) for the “Fit for Life” awareness-raising financial education programme in schools across the Grand Duchy, led by Jonk Entrepreneuren. ALFI will actively devote resources for the two upcoming years until October 2023.

This programme provides students aged 14 to 16 with a practical and interactive introduction to money, budgeting, insurance, consumption, and career matters. ALFI staff members are collaborating with JEL in this project, organising educational sessions in schools across Luxembourg.

As a board member of the ABBL Foundation, ALFI decided to propose its human power and talent to the well-established initiative called the Woch vun de Suen or the Money week. This event has been organised by the ABBL Foundation since 2015, with the support of the Ministry of Education in Luxembourg. The objective of this project is to help young people aged 10 to 12 years old to understand the value of money and the importance of managing a budget, through an in-class activity of about 2 hours.