The role of finance in reaching net zero

14 Jun 2021 | Videos  

In the first quarter of 2021, European sustainable funds attracted inflows of 120 billion euro, representing more than a half of overall European fund flows, but what difference does this actually make to our society and our environment? Is the financial services industry perhaps too focused on regulatory compliance, rather than real impact?

What is the difference between impact investing and other ESG investment strategies?

How is taxonomy changing the way enterprises function today?

What are the sustainability-linked bonds and how can they open up climate investing to a new universe of issuers?

Are credit markets more powerful than the equity markets when it comes to putting pressure on corporates for more ambitious ESG strategies?

When does engagement become divestment?

How realistic is it to expect an agreed taxonomy on social objectives, at the EU level?

Follow this extremely rich 30 minutes conversation between Andrew McDowell, PwC partner, Julie Becker, CEO of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, and James Broderick, Board member of the Impact Investing Institute, to hear relevant and argued points of view on matters that will change the face of asset management. We promise, this is really well invested time.

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