Should I save, invest or just put my money under the mattress?”

19 March 2013 | Press Releases  

ALFI has launched a series of short films aimed at helping consumers understand what investing means.

“People throughout Europe – and indeed the world – will need to take increasing responsibility for their own long-term financial security, and for retirement savings,” explains Anouk Agnes, Deputy Director General at ALFI. “Investment funds are a key part of long term saving and people therefore need to become more confident about investing, so that they can grow their money over time and make informed decisions with regards to their financial future. We have produced these films as part of our investor education activity and hope that they will help consumers in their investment needs.”

The films take people through the basics of investing, covering topics such as:

  • Saving and investing – what should you do with your money
  • What are equity, bond and real estate assets
  • What is an investment fund
  • What is a UCITS fund and why should I invests in one