Luxembourg prepares for AIFMD - Law on Specialized Investment funds to be adapted

18 July 2011 | Press Releases  

On 1 July 2011, the Luxembourg Government approved a draft bill of law modifying the law on Specialized Investment Funds (SIF), the investment vehicle of choice for non UCITS in Luxembourg. Although not yet the official transposition act, this bill purports to adapt the SIF legislation to certain aspects of AIFMD, notably in terms of delegation and risk management as well as integrate certain improvements (such as cross-compartment investments) that were previously introduced for UCITS.

These changes will also enable the Luxembourg legislator to fine tune the level of regulation applied to SIFs in Luxembourg, further improving the overall quality of that product which has experienced a tremendous success with more than 1,200 SIF launched since 2007.

Please see the press release in English, French and German.