Luxembourg Financial Centre Video - Be part of the future

11 June 2014 | Press Releases  

Luxembourg for Finance has today launched a new video “Be part of the future”, communicating the entrepreneurial spirit and international vibe of the Luxembourg financial centre.

Featuring a wide range of people involved in the financial sector, the video shows the diversity of professionals that make up Luxembourg’s DNA.

The success of the Luxembourg financial centre is based on the pro-business attitude of the government. “We are an innovative country; we are always able to reinvent ourselves”, states Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, in the video.

Luxembourg’s development from a focus on the steel industry to a diverse economy with a sophisticated financial centre still shows in the appearance of the cities in the Grand Duchy, where history is combined with modernism. The constant evolution of Luxembourg’s economy and its ability to adapt rapidly to European regulations have made it a European platform for international players with cross-border business. 

Luxembourg is not only the second largest investment fund centre in the world and a major Eurozone wealth management centre, but also a hub for the digital economy and young start-ups aiming to access the markets of the European Union out of Luxembourg.