Innovation in Sustainable Finance

17 Oct 2018 | Webinars  

Sustainable Investing is moving from niche to mainstream. Sustainability considerations are becoming increasingly integrated into company processes from product development to distribution. Get the latest expertise and thought leadership on what sustainable finance standards and practices mean for individuals and organisations.

Wednesday 17 October 2018, 4:00 - 5:00 pm CET

This panel discussion will feature experts from around the globe, and will focus on unraveling the implications of key determinants. Join NICSA to learn how the world’s leading financial centers are playing a significant role in the global economy’s transition toward sustainable development.  Attendees will gain unique perspectives on:

  • The current landscape of standards and practices related to impact investing
  • The future of ESG reporting and labelling
  • Product trends and capital flows in sustainable and ESG sectors


Recording is available here.


Sachin Vankalas, Director of Operations & Sustainability, LuxFLAG

Catherine Banat, Institutional Portfolio Manager, RBC Global Asset Management
Anthony Eames, Vice President, Calvert Research and Management
Hakan Lucius, Head of Corporate Responsibility, European Investment Bank
Aniket Shah, Head of Sustainable Investing, OppenheimerFunds