How is Luxembourg positioning itself as a fintech hub? | video interview

29 February 2016 | Press Releases  

Co-chair of the new ALFI Fintech/Digital Forum Serge Weyland (BIL) and Steven Libby (PwC Luxembourg) speak about the Luxembourg initiatives in the fintech space.


How is Luxembourg positioning itself as a Fintech hub?

Serge Weyland, BIL, Co-Chair of the ALFI Fintech/Digital Forum, says:

"There is a lot going on in Luxembourg at the moment. There are various forums, including the ALFI newly launched Fintech/Digital Forum. We believe that this is definitely an opportunity for Luxembourg as there is lot of knowledge bundled in a small country. We can give access to this knowledge to the Fintech companies for them to develop use cases, to develop ideas of how they can help our industry to become more efficient and come up with new services, new ideas to better serve our customers."

What initiatives is ALFI taking in this regard?

Steven Libby, PwC Luxembourg, Co-Chair of the ALFI Fintech/Digital Forum, says:

"Within ALFI we’ve decided to create the ALFI/Fintech Digital Forum. The idea of this initiative is to bring our members together to look at those disruptors or enablers that will have the most significant impact on our industry. It’s a great opportunity to bring together our community, our ecosystem, together with the Fintechs and look very carefully at different areas: disruptors, digital, blockchain and others which we think will have a significant impact.

We want to be ahead of the curve – we want to drive these initiatives, facilitate the different requirements in Luxembourg regulation in order to help us to win in this quickly evolving space."