Does nation branding matter? | ALFI podcast

12 February 2016 | Press Releases  

Ms Sasha Baillie, Diplomatic Advisor and Deputy Chief of Cabinet of the Vice Prime Minister at the Ministry of Economy, Luxembourg, and Chair of the Nationbranding Committee, speaks about the importance of the nation branding.

Ms Baillie comments: "Yes absolutely, it does. As we all know you never get a second chance to make a very good first impression. In a world where things are moving faster and faster and decisions are taken swiftly, it’s crucial that you are well positioned right from the beginning – it’s important to help to attract investors, new companies, talents, artists, innovators, creators, etc. – and it is also important for the financial services industry. This is why, the Luxembourg government has been pursuing nation branding strategy with the objective of creating a coherent, very positive and authentic image of the country. We want this image to reflect all the positive assets of the country: that we are open, reliable and a dynamic country. This is the objective we want to pursue so it is known instinctively that this is what Luxembourg is."

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