Broadridge cross-border study and awards

21 September 2023 | Press Releases  

It is with great pleasure that ALFI presents for the second consecutive year the “Cross-border distribution of investment funds”, a study carried out by Broadridge on key trends and net sales by geographies and asset classes.

The distribution of investment funds is undergoing significant transformation in several aspects at once, driven by technological advances, shifting geopolitical landscapes, and changing investor preferences. Based on the success of the previous edition, this year’s study offers an overview of the evolution of cross-border products and trends


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Highlights of the study:

  • Cross-border funds make up a significant slice of global AuM, accounting for 14% of assets worldwide and nearly 50% in Europe
  • The number of funds launched in the cross-border space continues to decline, with last year’s total one third below the 2018 peak. 2023 is set to see even fewer new funds hit shelves, which will have a knock-on effect on overall net sales.
  • Luxembourg is the number one domicile for cross-border assets globally. US managers’ share of assets continues to grow, however, rising to 50% in Q1.
  • Sales have fallen everywhere since 2021’s high, but Europe remains the centerpiece of cross-border distribution.


On the other hand, during the Global Fund Distribution Conference which was celebrated yesterday at the European Convention Center Luxembourg, Broadridge presented The 2023 Annual Broadridge Distribution Achievement Awards.


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ALFI Head of Communications