ALFI Spring Mag 2016 has been published! Get the insights from the leading fund experts!

2 March 2016 | Press Releases  

ALFI has issued the ALFI Spring Mag 2016, which brings forward and deepens key topics addressed at this year’s Spring Conference, looks into factors that drive market trends and how those dynamics ultimately affect the investment fund business.


Download the PDF version.

fintech - diversity - regulatory & tax

In compiling this magazine, ALFI has leveraged the wealth of diversity of thought engendered by the broad range of professional backgrounds and experience of its members, who represent the entire value chain of the investment fund business.

ALFI would like to thank all the contributors of the magazine, whose aim was to provide each conference participants with a memento of key industry references discussed during the ALFI Spring Conference and depicted in this unique publication, as we move forward with the fund industry.