ALFI Response to the ESAs Joint Committee Discussion Paper on the use of big data by Financial Institutions

20 Mar 2017 | Statements and Position Papers  

The Joint Committee of the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) has published a discussion paper for consultation regarding the potential benefits and risks of big data for consumers and financial firms in order to determine whether any further regulatory or supervisory actions may be needed.

The ESAs wish to understand what the big data phenomenon means for consumers, the financial industry and regulators. Existing EU legislation on data protection, competition and consumer protection, which shares the common goals of promoting economic growth, innovation and the welfare of individual consumers, are relevant for financial firms while not addressing big data issues explicitly.

The discussion paper asks whether the existing regulatory framework is sufficiently flexible to cover big data, has gaps which need to be filled and how it impacts the use of big data technologies.

A Q&A document provides clarifications on big data, its purpose and application in the financial sector.

Download the ALFI response here.