ALFI response to EU Commission consultation on the ELTIF review

19 January 2021 | Statements and Position Papers  

ALFI responded on 19 January 2021 to the European Commission consultation in relation to the review of the European Long-Term Investment Fund Regulation (ELTIF).

Luxembourg has been one of the most active jurisdictions in which ELTIFs are being set up, which allowed both the investment fund industry and the regulator to build up a particular expertise in this field. Accordingly, ALFI has a very clear and deep insight in a number of aspects that could help the ELTIF framework to become more efficient and attractive to both asset managers using the ELTIF label and potential managers of ELTIFs and to investors. ALFI strongly believes that the ELTIF could become a successful third pillar alongside AIFs and UCITS to complete the offering to European investors. ALFI very much welcomed the EU Commission’s consultation and ALFI proposed changes supporting, among others, the findings of the High-Level Forum on the Capital Markets Union in relation to:

  1. Removing limitations on the supply side by improving fund structuring and eligible assets related aspects of the ELTIF framework; and
  2. Reducing demand side barriers to investments.

ALFI response to the ELTIF consultation can be found here.