ALFI statement to upcoming trilogue negotiations concerning the AIFMD review

14 February 2023 | Statements and Position Papers  

On 14 February 2023, ALFI commented on upcoming trilogue negotiations concerning the AIFMD review

Before the beginning of trilogue negotiations aiming to conclude the long-standing review of the AIFMD, ALFI recalled that the AIFMD is a global European success story that is to be preserved and further developed. As voiced at many occasions, after the European Commission released its consultation in September 2020 any amendments should be targeted to satisfy demonstrable needs of improvement. The nature of the directive as a manager framework should not be put into question.

ALFI will monitor and, where possible, comment on developments, as well as continue the positive constructive dialogue established over the past years with various representatives of EU institutions that are involved in the AIFMD review.

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