ALFI responds to the EC targeted consultation on the functioning of the MMFR

13 May 2022 | Statements and Position Papers  

On 13 May 2022, ALFI responded to the European Commission targeted consultation on the functioning of the Money Market Fund Regulation (MMFR).

Background to this consultation is that the MMFR requires the Commission to submit a report to the co-legislators assessing the adequacy of the Regulation from a both prudential and economic point of view. This should be based on a robust and comprehensive evaluation of current rules. The consultation aimed at complementing the information collected by other initiatives and work (including recent work by ESMA, ESRB/ECB, FSB) on the functioning of the existing rules on Money Market Funds, in particular about the impact of the MMFR on the different economic aspects and the role of these funds in the EU economy.

View the ALFI response.