AIFMD Review: what's at stake?

12 May 2021 | Videos  

AIFMD has been in operation for eight years. It covers all categories of private assets and was a response to the crisis of 2007/2008. Has it reached its objectives and is it still fit for purpose?

How is AIFMD perceived outside of Europe? Has it helped positioning the European fund industry outside of Europe?

Follow this interview led by Marc-André Bechet, Deputy Director General of ALFI with Agathi Pafili, Vice-President of Capital Group, Martin Bresson, Public Affairs Director at Invest Europe and Jeff Rupp, Director of Public Affairs at INREV and get the industry’s views.

ALFI responded to the European Commission’s consultation on the review of the AIFMD and its view is that the impact of the AIFMD on AIFs and AIFMs has been largely positive. The association stated that the general concept of a manager directive should not be put into questions by introducing product specific rules for example. There is primarily a need for stability to ensure the development of a brand and the European Union’s competitiveness.

See ALFI’s response to the European Commission consultation on AIFMD here.

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