AI trends with traction

12 Dec 2018 | Webinars  

Learn more about leveraging AI within your organization! AI has the promise of driving operational efficiencies, enhancing compliance and informing investment decisions.

Wednesday 12 December 2018, 4:00 - 5:00 pm CET

Join our candid discussion with some of today’s leading experts on where the dollars are going, which trends are being successfully implemented, and which technologies promise to shape the next decade within the global asset management industry. Hear asset management case studies in and get an insider’s “reality check” on all things AI.

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Nasir Zubairi - CEO, Luxembourg House of Financial Technology Foundation - LHoFT


David Jones - Managing Director, Accenture   
Martin Dobbins - Managing Partner and Independent Director, Trinova Group
Chuck Gallant - Managing Director, BNY Mellon


CPE information
NICSA is pleased to offer this webinar learning activity to attendees who are seeking CPE credits. 1 CPE unit may be available for attendees of this webinar. The webinar requires no advanced preparation, no pre-requisite study and is appropriate for all who have a basic understanding of the investment management industry.