ALFI bridges the gap between Luxembourg and China

3 May 2013 | Press Releases  

ALFI has added a section in Chinese to its website as part of its efforts to strengthen its relationship with the Chinese fund industry.

 As part of its efforts to strengthen its relationship with the Chinese fund industry, the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI) has added a section in Chinese (Mandarin) to its website. The section contains important basic information about the Luxembourg investment fund sector and regulation, and how Luxembourg can support Chinese asset managers develop globally. Four accompanying brochures are also available in Chinese on the following topics:

  • the benefits of Luxembourg as a domicile for investment funds;
  • how to set up a fund in Luxembourg;
  • how to re-domicile a fund in Luxembourg; and
  • the ALFI Risk Management guidelines.

“The bilateral relationship between China and Luxembourg is already well developed in the area of financial services. The European Headquarters of Bank of China and ICBC are located in Luxembourg, and the China Construction Bank is in the process of setting up its headquarters here too,” said Marc Saluzzi, Chairman of ALFI.

“ALFI visits China regularly to explain developments in the regulatory environment of investment funds in Europe," Mr Saluzzi continues. "Expanding overseas appears to be a high short to medium-term priority for Chinese asset managers. In this context, it is obvious that Luxembourg, as Europe’s prime investment fund centre, will play an increasingly important role for the development of the Chinese asset management community’s international presence. Already today, a number of important Chinese fund houses are using Luxembourg as their gateway into Europe."

The section in Chinese is available on the following link:

Download the press release in English and German.