ALFI provides its members with unparalleled access to the asset management and invest-ment fund community in Luxembourg and beyond. ALFI regularly shares exclusive content to keep its membership up to date with the latest trends and developments in the industry.

Members section and dedicated membership communication

Each year, ALFI sends out some 25 exclusive newsletters and newsflashes covering international and national news. They also include information about the association’s head office, latest statis-tics, publications or upcoming events.

In addition, ALFI regularly informs its members of endorsed events with discounted fees or other exclusive membership benefits.

The ALFI members section offers a unique opportunity to the membership to get exclusive content including:

  • Working documents of specific working groups and forums;
  • Members-only publications (technical guidelines, FAQs, Q&A documents, surveys etc.);
  • Newsflash and Special Newsflash issues;
  • Detailed statistics in English, German and French;
  • Access to the job market section with the possibility of posting job offers to be published on the ALFI website;
  • Discount codes of industry events endorsed by ALFI.

Each year, ALFI working groups produce a significant number of technical guidelines restricted to access by ALFI members.

Some technical guidelines we have issued during the reported period are: