Driving innovation and the digital transformation of the Luxembourg funds industry

Breakthroughs in technology have already started to transform all links in the investment value chain, impacting our traditional way of interacting within and thinking about the fund industry and end investors. This disruption is facilitated by innovation from both existing market players and an increasing number of large and small technology companies interested in the industry. Other factors driving disruption include changes in consumer behaviour and pressure on costs from end investors.

The Luxembourg technology ecosystem must continue to develop. ALFI is facilitating this by bringing together the experts who built the financial centre, and the technology innovators who are disrupting finance notably at the occasion of the events organised in Luxembourg and internationally.

Working closely with the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT), other public and private technology communities and initiatives, competent authorities and others, ALFI brings its technical, regulatory, product and market experience to foster collaboration and innovation, for example in proof-of-concepts applied to the fund industry. Digital solutions for investors, namely those that streamline onboarding and investing, can be made smarter and more efficient. ALFI seeks to play a key role in making this happen.

Asset managers who seek to set up funds in Luxembourg need an easier, faster and cheaper cycle than currently available. In collaboration with other stakeholders, ALFI seeks to explore the technological possibilities that can help resolve current pain points in an innovative way, while meeting the many requisites essential for regulated products.

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