Non-profits support

Conscious of the relevance of the third sector as active actors of the society and promoters of societal and environmental change, and being a non-for-profit organisation in itself, ALFI supports Fondation Cancer, Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg Asbl,  Association LUKraine  among others, and donates to Enfants de l’espoir and Ile aux Clowns the funds collected during the ALFI Golf Tournament organised every year at the end of the summer.


Working with the youth

Committed to supporting the younger generations, we have been working with the association Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg who leads the programme “Fit for life”, an awareness-raising financial education programme in schools across the Grand Duchy (for students aged 14 to 16). ALFI has actively devoted resources until October 2023.


D&I efforts

ALFI strives to foster diversity and inclusion in the asset management and investment fund sector. Initiated by ALFI Chairperson Corinne Lamesch, our ALFI Diversity & Inclusion Forum was set up in order to raise awareness for D&I issues, enhance availability of D&I related data and to accelerate our industry’s efforts to better reflect the society we serve in all its facets.

The mission of the Forum is to assess the current Luxembourg environment and to serve as a platform to share and exchange ideas and best practices on this topic between our members. Currently, we are currently working on this assessment.