Alternative investments

As demand for alternative investments grows, investors are increasingly looking for innovative solutions that keep pace with their new expectations. Alternative investments, for example, will appear as a building block in more and more pensions solutions.

The structuring toolbox has already been expanded in the past in terms of legal vehicles available for alternative investments. ALFI will seek to develop the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) regime as one of the key elements of the Luxembourg toolbox, alongside a drive to refine and improve existing structures.

A challenge in the alternative investment industry is that, generally speaking, operations rely on a number of manual processes. Increased demand in alternative investment means that we need to use more technology and optimized workflows that will help to reduce costs and protect investors while allowing for scalable growth and evolving regulation.

We will help attract and retain talent in alternative investments by supporting education and training opportunities in areas of direct or indirect relevance for the private equity and real estate sectors.

Luxembourg has built a reputation as a significant private equity and real estate cross-border investment and fund service centre. We seek to take further steps that will broaden its leading position in the Alternatives value chain towards investor relations, limited partnerships (LPs) and fundraising.

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