12 818 professionals follow ALFI on LinkedIn. We have also successfully grown The Luxembourg Fund Industry Group by ALFI to over 10 000 members (currently 10 803).

The offical ALFI Twitter handle @ALFIfunds had 5 020 followers. Our most viewed tweet was about sustainable investing. Did you know there is now also a dedicated handle for our chairperson? Follow @ALFIChair!
The ALFI YouTube channel last had 1 477 subscribers and a total of 189 563 views of some 200 videos. They range from event documentation and expert interviews to educational, like our most-viewed video on the basics of investing, which alone counts 35 249 views.
With 7 106 photos in 135 albums, the ALFI Flickr photostream has ample photographic documentation of ALFI events over the past including social highlights like cocktail receptions and golf tournaments.


ALFI is always eager to receive feedback from members, friends and the entire funds and asset management community. If you have any questions, concerns or comments for us, let us know.


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