Meet our team


Camille Thommes

Director General

Marc-André Bechet

Deputy Director General, Director Legal & Tax

François Drazdik

Director, Head of Administration

Administration − Support − Accounting − IT

Murielle Albessard

Accounting Officer

Alexandra Fetescu

Support Officer

Lydia Galla-Ruscitti

Accounting Officer

Catherine Levanti

Head of Accounting Department

Adina Lupu

Head of Support Department | HR Manager

Laurent Molitor

IT Manager

Ihsane Silistre

Senior Support Officer

Sébastien Tirbisch

Support Officer

Industry Affairs & Statistics

François Drazdik

Senior Industry Affairs Advisor

Régine Rugani

Senior Statistics Advisor

Business Development – Communication – Events

Andreea Bran

Events Manager

Anna Ferreri

Senior Communications Manager

Eleftheria Kollia

Events Manager

Mihaela Mercier

Senior Communications Manager

Irene Schultz-Gerstein

Head of Events Department

Pierre Oberlé

Senior Business Development Manager

Alena Schlünz

Senior Communications and Industry Affairs Advisor

Sofia Van Bos

Events Manager

Virginie Tripet

Senior Events Manager

Hanna Welter

Communications Officer

Legal & Tax

François Baratte

Senior Industry Affairs Adviser

Evelyne Christiaens

Head of Legal Department

Vilma Domenicucci

Senior Tax Advisor

Susanne Weismüller

Senior Legal Advisor

David Zackenfels

Senior Legal Advisor

Representative offices

Antoine Kremer

Head of EU Rep Office

Ching-Yng Choi

Head of Asia Rep Office

Aurélie Cassou

Senior Advisor European Affairs

Luxembourg for Finance

Eleanor de Rosmorduc

Senior Advisor