Following the regulatory agenda and current market trends and developments, ALFI regularly organises topical events targeting investment fund industry professionals.

Expert briefings (public or members-only)

ALFI keeps its members and other expert audiences up to date in a range of dedicated seminars, briefings and other get-togethers that may focus on specific themes and give an insight into ALFI’s work behind the scenes.

European Risk Management Conference

Organised by ALFI in association with ALRiM, this expert event offers a unique opportunity for risk management professionals to share their know-how and best-in-class approaches and to hear the views of supervisory bodies and policymakers. The conference further provides ample opportunity to connect with risk management experts from across Europe.

Leading Edge conference series

The ALFI Leading Edge conference series provides expert knowledge on specialist subjects. ALFI Leading Edge presentations are designed to inform and inspire the audience. They offer rare insights into particularly technical issues, focus on state-of-the-art industry practices and best-in-class approaches and deliver only the latest content for a real educational value.

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