For many years, press relations have been a core element in ALFI’s communications strategy.

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly impacted the press activities as well. Journalists can no longer travel to Luxembourg to attend ALFI conferences and meet with the renowned speakers. Organising press interviews using digital facilities has become a norm and keeps ALFI and its spokespersons in regular contact with the national and international media.

ALFI works tirelessly to raise its profile in the foreign media and to establish long-term relations with specialised journalists in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, the United States and Asia.

Frequent press releases are testament to the dynamic and fast-paced industry environment in which the association serves.

ALFI's media activity over the past year includes:

  • 130+ articles published in worldwide media outlets;
  • 11 press releases;
  • Media coverage on 4 continents

The most popular topics were:

ALFI Ambition 2025, Brexit, the Covid-19 pandemic and the investment fund industry’s response, sustainable finance, diversity and inclusion, private assets, private equity, real estate investment funds, private debt funds, etc.

ALFI has continued to partner with selected media to promote its events globally. The association has been collaborating with: Funds Europe, Ignites Europe, Global Funds Asia, Asset Servicing Times, Securities Lending Times, Absolut Research, Fondsnieuws, Luxembourg Times, Delano.