ALFI has ran various campaigns on social media to enhance awareness on the following topics.

Private assets

The demand for private assets has been growing over the past few years as investors are increasingly looking for innovative solutions that keep pace with their expectations and yield. ALFI has led a campaign to promote two surveys conducted in November 2020 on private debt funds and real estate investment funds. Both campaigns were promoted on LinkedIn in January 2021.


ALFI membership represents today a strong community of more than 1,500 Luxembourg domiciled investment funds, asset management companies and a wide range of business that serve the sector. ALFI seeks to promote Luxembourg’s fund sector internationally, and to cultivate for the benefit of its members a collaborative, dynamic and innovative ecosystem underpinned by the most robust regulatory framework.

In order to highlight the importance of the commitment to its community, ALFI run a campaign on LinkedIn to present the key benefits of being a member of the association.

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