Steve Bernat (ONE gs)
Germain Birgen (Banque de Luxembourg)

ALFI coordinators

Camille Thommes, Director General
François Drazdik, Director

Mission statement

This Committee will focus its actions to promote Luxembourg as:

  • The domicile of choice for all types of cross-border distributed traditional and alternative investment funds;
  • A core servicing centre (including back and middle offices) for both traditional and alternative investment funds whatever their domicile;
  • An attractive centre to locate front-office activities for both traditional and alternative investment fund managers.

As a core part of its promotional activities, this committee oversees the delivery of a programme of Luxembourg-based conferences, a series of country roadshows, a series of Luxembourg and international Leading Edge Conferences and other ad-hoc promotional events both in and outside of Luxembourg.

In order to convert this mission statement into concrete objectives and actions, this committee has established a Conference and Promotion Steering Committee, which in turn may establish a number of sub-committees and/or working groups as they see fit to assist them with their work. This includes the retention of certain existing sub-committees and working groups as listed below.​​​​


B Promotion Steering Committee
Germain Birgen (Banque de Luxembourg)
B1 ALFI Conferences Advisory Committee European Asset Management
Chris Edge
B2 ALFI Conference Advisory Committee Global Distribution
Chris Edge
B3 ALFI Risk Management Conference
Christoph Adamy (Allianz Global Investors)
Luc Neuberg (House of Training)
B4 ALFI Conferences Advisory Committee PE & RE
Serge D'Orazio (Independent Director)
B5 ALFI Golf event
Ulrich Binninger (ULB Consult)
B6 ALFI Roadshows
Michèle Eisenhuth (Arendt)
B6.1 ALFI Roadshow to Frankfurt
Maria Löwenbrück (Union Investment)
Catherine Rückel (PwC)
B6.2 ALFI Roadshow to Switzerland
Lucienne Andring (Banque de Luxembourg)
Daniel Siepmann (Credit Suisse Fund Services)
B6.3 ALFI Roadshow to London
Chris Edge
B6.4 ALFI Roadshow to the US
Michèle Eisenhuth (Arendt)
B7 ALFI Advisory Committee TA & Distribution Operations Forum
Rafał Kwaśny (Franklin Templeton)
Hugo Larguinho Brás (Reply)
B8 Leading Edge Conferences
Graham Goodhew
Christophe Lentschat (Arendt)
B9 Hong Kong
Ching Yng Choi (ALFI, Asia Representative Office)
B10 Middle East
Germain Birgen (Banque de Luxembourg)
B10.1 Dubai
Emmanuelle Entringer (Arendt)
B11 Singapore
Ching Yng Choi (ALFI, Asia Representative Office)
Valérie Mantot (Apex)


As of 15 June 2020

Structure of ALFI committees 2020

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