Geoff Radcliffe (BlackRock)

ALFI coordinator

François Baratte, Senior Legal Advisor

Mission statement

The Market Infrastructure Committee addresses operational issues which asset managers and service providers are facing resulting from proposed or new pieces of laws and regulations. When necessary, or requested by members, existing processes will be reviewed. The Committee’s primary focus is to seek operational efficiency, automation and overall cost savings by proposing common interpretations, simplifications or market standards.

Furthermore the committee supports ALFI in proactively identifying, analysing and implementing existing and new reporting and accounting requirements as they apply to funds, asset managers and their related use of financial instruments. It also provides ALFI with an analysis of any new regulatory developments impacting reporting and audit requirements as they apply to the industry. ​​


G1 Market Infrastructure Steering Committee
Fréderic Pérard (BNP Paribas Securities Services)
G2 Total expense ratio (TER)
Daniela Klasen-Martin (Crestbridge)
G2.1 Disclosure of transaction costs
Nadia Faber (EY)
G2.2 TER survey
Daniela Klasen-Martin (Crestbridge)
G3 Global investment performance standards (GIPS)
Fanny Sergent (PwC)
G4 Swing pricing
Geoff Radcliffe (BlackRock)
Philippe Ringard (JP Morgan AM)
G4.1 Swing pricing survey
Craig Blair (Franklin Templeton International Services S.à.r.l.)
G5 Solvency II
Sylvain Crépin (Deloitte)
Martin Reinhard (KPMG)
G6 EMIR/OTC derivatives
Sven Muehlenbrock (KPMG)
Henning Schwabe (Arendt)
G7 Fund accounting and reporting requirements
Justin Griffiths (Deloitte)
G9 Target 2 securities (T2S)/Central securities depositories (CSD)
G10 Statistics and research
Olivier Renault (Société Générale Securities Services)
ALFI Coordinator: Régine Rugani
G10.1 Data collection and nominalisation
G10.2 Economic research
Paolo Vinciarelli (BCEE)


As of 15 June 2020

Structure of ALFI committees 2020

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