Steven Libby (PwC)
Serge Weyland (Edmond de Rothschild AM)

ALFI coordinator

François Drazdik, Director, Head of Administration

Mission statement

The Digital/FinTech Forum's primary focus is on digital/fintech developments which are believed to have a “disruptive” impact on the asset management industry; meaning that the technology or development may bring along fundamental change to existing business models or processes in the asset management industry.


6.1 Digital/FinTech Steering Committee
Steven Libby (PwC)
Serge Weyland (Edmond de Rothschild AM)
6.3 Fund distribution and TA
Duncan Christie (IFDS)
Keith Hale (FinTech Investor/NED)
6.4 Blockchain and crypto-assets
Emilie Allaert (LHoFT)
Laurent Marochini (Société Générale Securities Services)
6.5 Digital funding
Rolf Caspers (Sanne Group)
David Louis (Charles Russell Speechlys)
6.6 Cybersecurity
Martin Dobbins (Sage Advisory)
Mehtap Numanoğlu (Brown Brothers Harriman)
6.7 Fund governance and risk management
Stéphane Badey (Arendt)
Paul Mullins (Wellington)
6.8 Fund administration and custody
Pierre Bauwens (Alpha Financial Markets Consulting)
Davide Martucci (Next Gate Tech)


As of 15 June 2020

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