Claude Niedner (Arendt)

ALFI coordinator

Susanne Weismüller, Senior Legal Advisor

Mission statement

In close cooperation with other technical committees, the committee monitors any legal, regulatory and tax developments affecting the prospects of the alternative sector in Luxembourg. It analyses upcoming legal and regulatory initiatives, launched at national or international level.

This group also contributes to ALFI responses to and comments on these initiatives. If deemed appropriate, (sub-) working groups are set up to work on specific topics.​​


C1 Alternative Investments Steering Committee
Claude Niedner (Arendt)
C1.1 AIFMD review and developments
Claude Niedner (Arendt)
C2 Hedge funds a
Fanny Sergent (PwC)
Jerôme Wigny (Elvinger Hoss)
C3 Real estate investment funds (REIF)
Robert White (EY)
Lauren Williams (PwC)
C3.0 REIF Steering Committee
Robert White (EY)
Lauren Williams (PwC)
C3.1 REIF financial framework
Bobbi Jean Brebonaria (KPMG)
Andreas Meier (Deloitte)
C3.2 REIF best practices – fund operations
Abdel Hmitti (State Street)
Harald Thul (Deloitte)
C3.3 REIF publications and media
Arne Bolch (Dechert)
Alessia Lorenti (Edmond de Rothschild AM)
C3.4 REIF survey
Francisco da Cunha (Deloitte)
Catherine Gauthier (Brown Brothers Harriman)
C3.5 REIF events
Alessia Lorenti (Edmond de Rothschild AM)
Brian McMahon (Bank of New York Mellon)
C3.6 REIF industry associations
Sven Rein (Pancura)
Patrick Reuter (Elvinger Hoss)
C3.7 REIF professional development
Conor Cleere (Citco Bank)
David Louis (Charles Russell Speechlys)
C3.8 REIF strategy
Pierre Beissel (Arendt)
Pierre Kreemer (KPMG)
C4 Private equity and venture capital funds
Gilles Dusemon (Arendt)
Alain Kinsch (EY)
C4.1 PE & VC legal aspects
Frédérique Lifrange (Elvinger Hoss)
Thibaut Partsch (Elvinger Hoss)
C4.2 PE & VC publications
Arne Bolch (Dechert)
Joachim Kuske (VP Fund Solutions)
C5 Infrastructure funds
Amaury Evrard (PwC)
Jean-Christian Six (Allen & Overy)
C5.1 Infrastructure funds best practices
John Ravoisin (PwC)
C5.2 Infrastructure funds – tax, legal and regulatory
Antoine Badot (KPMG)
Thierry Braem (PwC)
C5.3 Infrastructure funds – promotion of Luxembourg
Muhammad Tahir Khan (KPMG)
Pierre Mallet (PwC)
C6 AIFMD reporting
Nathalie Dogniez (PwC)
Leon Schwab-Mulvany (BlackRock)
C6.1 AIFMD reporting – annual reports
Nathalie Dogniez (PwC)
Leon Schwab-Mulvany (BlackRock)
C7 Debt funds
Isabelle Dauvergne (PwC)
Pierre Kreemer (KPMG)


As of 15 June 2020

Structure of ALFI committees 2020

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