Webinars in collaboration with NICSA

In 2018/2019, ALFI has organised 4 webinars in collaboration with NICSA. These online events are free of charge and open to all fund industry professionals.

The latest webinars focused on the following topics:

2019 FinReg Outlook: Clouds on the Horizon

With regulators on both sides of the Atlantic poised to take action on multiple fronts, it is important that asset managers understand what issues are on the horizon. This webinar aims at giving you key information on new developments, regulations, and trends that we think asset managers should be tracking for the year ahead.

AI trends with traction

Learn more about leveraging AI within your organisation! AI has the promise of driving operational efficiencies, enhancing compliance and informing investment decisions. Join our candid discussion with some of today’s leading experts on where the dollars are going, which trends are being successfully implemented, and which technologies promise to shape the next decade within the global asset management industry. Hear asset management case studies in and get an insider’s “reality check” on all things AI.

Innovation in Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Investing is moving from niche to mainstream. Sustainability considerations are becoming increasingly integrated into company processes from product development to distribution. Get the latest expertise and thought leadership on what sustainable finance standards and practices mean for individuals and organisations.

This panel discussion will feature experts from around the globe, and will focus on unraveling the implications of key determinants. Join NICSA to learn how the world’s leading financial centers are playing a significant role in the global economy’s transition toward sustainable development.  Attendees will gain unique perspectives on:

  • The current landscape of standards and practices related to impact investing
  • The future of ESG reporting and labelling
  • Product trends and capital flows in sustainable and ESG sectors

MiFID ll, six months later

Where are we six months later? The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) has brought enormous complexity to asset managers in terms of generating and processing data. Increasing investor protection and transparency will remain a key focus for fund companies distributing product globally. Our expert panel will provide up-to-date information on the regulation, an assessment on how well the industry is securing compliance with the new directive, and practical advice for asset on effectively processing financial data.

During this live webinar, the next topics will be addressed:

  • Compliance readiness – “where are we now”
  • Best practices - what's working / what's not  
  • Deeper dive into data generation/collection and processing
  • Regulatory Outlook – future implications