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We are pleased to inform you that our fifth edition of the annual ALFI Real Estate Investment Fund, which looks at the market to the end of 2009, and which was produced by the ALFI Real Estate Funds sub-committee is now available. (Please click here to view the survey)

Main results

This survey, which focuses in particular on direct Real Estate Investment Funds (REIFs), but also covers Fund

10 reasons for a Luxembourg management company "ManCo"

- Publications

UCITS are now recognized as the only truly globally distributed investment funds.

Luxembourg has successfully positioned itself as the global leader for cross-border distribution of investment funds, and today more than 65% of UCITS funds distributed internationally are based in Luxembourg.


New brochure: Swing Pricing

- Publications

In Spring 2010 ALFI reconvened a swing pricing working group, comprising members active in a broad spectrum of activities including auditors, fund promoters, asset managers, lawyers and third-party administrators. The primary goal set by the chairman was to review, and if necessary update, guidance issued by ALFI in late 2006. To facilitate these goals, a survey has been commissioned to research what has happened in the industry since the publication of the original brochure.

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