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Over the year, ALFI participates in numerous consultations issued by European Institutions and industry associations.

Updated on 12/02/13  
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Q&A CSSF Circular 11/512

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In relation to risk management, a number of laws and regulations have been issued at a European and Luxembourg level. ALFI’s Risk Management technical Committee is currently analysing, amongst others, the CSSF Circular 11/512 dated 30 May. By clicking here, you will access the ALFI Q&A document. The document contains the working group's answers to questions about the implementation and the application of the CSSF Circular 11/512. ALFI's members are welcome to submit questions to the working group, which will review them and consider whether to include them in a future copy of this document. Please send your questions to

ALFI supports Luxembourg Students’ Annual Meeting REEL

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The 27th edition of the Réunion Européenne des Étudiants Luxembourgeois will take place this year in Bruxelles on 13 – 16 October 2011. This annual event gathers over 150 Luxembourg students currently spread in universities all across Europe and aims at discussing common issues facing Luxembourg students as well as  relations between universities and the political and economic world. This year’s edition is placed under the theme “Free spirit, European spirit”.

Social Business Initiative : Promoting Social Investment Funds

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On 13 July 2011, the European Commission published a consultation entitled the Social Business Initiative : Promoting Social Investment Funds. The consultation aims to explore whether a new bespoke social investment fund framework might be more effective at channeling funds to social businesses, and if so, what measures it might need to contain. To read ALFI’s response please click here

Displaying page 12 on 16 pages