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ALFI's response to CESR's consultation on risk measurement and the calculation of global exposure and counterparty risk for UCITS (Ref. CESR/10-108)

- ALFI statements

ALFI represents the Luxembourg investment management and fund industry. It counts among its membership over 1 350 funds and asset management groups from around the world and a large range of service providers. According to the latest CSSF figures, on 31 March 2010, total net assets of undertakings for collective investment were 1 981 bn euros.
There are 3 516 undertakings for collective investment in Luxembourg, of which 2 149 are multiple compartment structures containing 11 146 compartments. With the 1 367 single-compartment UCIs, there are a total of 12 513 active compartments or sub-funds based in Luxembourg.
According to March 2010 EFAMA figures, Luxembourg's fund industry holds a market share of 27.3% of the European Union fund industry, and according to 2010 PWC/Lipper data, 76.2% of UCITS that are engaged in cross-border business are domiciled in Luxembourg. As one of the main gateways to the European Union and global markets, Luxembourg is the largest cross-border fund centre in the European Union and, indeed, in the world. Read more.

Updated on 03/08/10
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