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Surveys - Studies

European Responsible Fund Market Survey 2016

The European responsible investing fund market 2016 provides statistics as at 31 December 2016. This includes the size of the market, the assets under management and number of funds of different RI categories and the domicile of such funds. This report focuses essentially on investment funds domiciled in Europe. The following statistics are presented:

  • Total figures
  • ESG Cross-sectoral
  • Esg Environment
  • eSg Social
  • ESG Ethics

Download the survey here.

Swing pricing survey - update 2015

The trend towards greater adoption of swing pricing continues. The third edition of ALFI’s Swing Pricing Survey shows both a greater number of participants responding to the survey and a greater number of asset managers that have implemented the mechanism.

European Responsible Investing Fund Survey 2015

ALFI published the third edition of the European Responsible Investing Fund Survey produced by KPMG. The survey covers the European responsible investment fund market as at 31 December 2014, including the size of the market, investment categories and the domicile of such funds.
This report focuses essentially on mutual funds domiciled in Europe. It does not address pension fund assets, segregated managed accounts or insurance company assets due to the relative difficulty of accurately measuring the size, nature and domicile of such assets.

Luxembourg real estate investment funds Survey 2013

The survey illustrates the evolution of the REIF market for direct real estate funds (Direct REIFs) and Risk Capital Investment Companies (SICARs) investing in real estate, as well as for REIF fund of funds (REIF FoFs), as at the end of 2012. Previous editions can be found here.

Beyond 10%: the case for enlarging the pool of retail investors in Europe’s investment funds

This report looks at the impact of the financial crisis on European investor behaviour, and at the future direction of the asset management industry. It highlights the fact that there is a €4 trillion pool of unmanaged household assets in Europe, which is either losing value or failing to grasp growth opportunities that are available through long-term investment vehicles. This is a missed opportunity for asset managers and savers alike.

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