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Alfi publishes updated Private Equity and Venture Capital brochure prior to the PE&RE Conference

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The brochure provides information on the set up as well as the servicing of private equity and venture capital investment vehicles in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Luxembourg offers a large variety of structuring opportunities, such as the investment company in risk capital (SICAR), the specialised investment fund (SIF),
the reserved alternative investment fund (RAIF), or any commercial company in particular an SCS or SCSp qualifying as an AIF and/or a holding company like the “société de participations
financières” (SOPARFI), as the case may be. In addition, Luxembourg commercial companies can also be set up as venture capital vehicle based on the European Regulation (EU) No. 345/2013,
the “EuVECA”.
Updated on 19/11/18
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