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ALFI and ABBL: New Guidelines and Recommendations for Depositaries

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On 17 May 2018, ALFI and ABBL have issued a revised version of the Guidelines and recommendations for depositaries. This second release is an update aimed at covering UCITS, as well as improving certain sections of the initial guidelines published in July 2013 which were covering oversight duties and cash monitoring for AIFs.

The analysis has been performed according to the following axis: fiduciary oversight obligations (subscription/redemptions, valuation, investment restrictions, timely settlement of transactions, dividend/income distribution as well as cash flow monitoring), stakeholders (ManCo, AIFM, Fund (UCITS/AIF), Depositary, Delegates), and types of controls (due diligence, assessment of policies and procedures) together with associated frequencies. Read the full document here. (Members only)

Updated on 13/09/18
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