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ALFI/ILA recommendations on VAT on remuneration of directors of UCIs and their management companies

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These joint recommendations have been prepared by representatives of ALFI and ILA’s working group specifically dealing with VAT on the remuneration of directors of UCIs and their management companies. The working group comprises independent directors, representatives of management companies, audit firms and law firms. ALFI and ILA hope that this document will serve their members as a reference document.

These recommendations deal exclusively with considerations on VAT for the remuneration of directors of UCI management companies. They do not address any other regulatory obligations and other tax obligations that directors of UCI management companies may be subject to. These recommendations do not address the situation of vehicles other than UCIs benefiting from VAT exempt management services pursuant to article 44.1.d) of the Luxembourg VAT law, i.e. pension funds and securitisation vehicles.

Download the document here.

Updated on 20/03/17
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