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ALFI Events programme 2017: general conditions

Benefits & logistical details

Kindly refer to the benefit overview chart of the corresponding event to see what is included in your booked sponsorship option(s). Please contact the events team at or phone +352 2230261 if you need any explanations. For more information, please refer to this webpage ALFI events programme - Sponsorship opportunites.

Confirmation & logistical details

A confirmation of receipt of the agreement will be sent to the sender by return e-mail.

Individual details and deadlines of each event (eg. logo check, booth location etc.) will be provided to your contact person(s) nominated in your agreement form, by e-mail or via a link to the event sponsors webpage created for each event. General conditions as set out per event apply.

Page 1 of the agreement form (cost of selected events and discount, if applicable) remains subject to approval by ALFI.

ALFI Membership

The Sponsorship & Exhibition Annual discount is offered to ALFI members exclusively. In order to benefit from the member rates & discount, one of the contact persons on this agreement form has to work directly for the ALFI member company or ALFI member fund.

If any of your affiliates, sister companies or clients are interested in becoming a member to benefit from the membership rates and discounts, please refer them to ALFI's website or contact (cc:

Package discount

Discounts are based on the commitment made by 13 January 2017, as follows:

The same % discount will apply to any other ALFI events and applicable options that you decide to sponsor later in the year 2017.


13th January 2017: Member Annual Package Discount Deadline

This date is also the deadline for the European Asset Management Conference (former "Spring" in March) sponsorship (Logo on invitation brochure) and/or Exhibition (first round of space allocations).

Only commitments made by this deadline benefit from the discount on top of the usual ALFI member sponsorship advantages! An updated annual commitment form will be put on the website after the deadline has passed, which we recommend to use if you wish to commit to several events at the same time. However, please note that no discounts will apply and that individual events and related benefits and conditions may be subject to change as they come up. Please check the corresponding webpages of each event.


Annual commitments and the individual options selected are considered as confirmed once ALFI has acknowledged receipt of your agreement form. Cancellations received in writing before any of the benefits included have been used, are entitled to a full refund minus a 10% handling fee. Once the above deadline has passed, the full cost as per the corresponding agreement is due.


ALFI reserves the right to amend the dates and conditions for each event, depending on the venue and other logistical factors.


An invoice for your package will be sent to the invoice address indicated on your agreement, which must be paid by the date on the invoice (and prior to the first event committed to).

VAT legislation

VAT applies in accordance with European and Luxembourg regulation for exhibition and sponsorship, as follows:

  • Invoice address in Luxembourg or in a country outside the EU: 17% VAT applies.
  • Invoice address in a country within the EU (except Luxembourg): VAT is due under the reverse charge mechanism

Please complete the VAT Number section according to one of the following options:

For companies within the EU:

  • For VAT registered companies it is mandatory to provide a VAT number (for reporting purposes) in order to process your agreement. If you do not provide your VAT number or your VAT number is wrong, you will be charged 17% VAT
  • For companies that are not VAT registered - please mark 'N/A' in the VAT number section. 17% VAT will be charged.

For companies outside the EU:

  • For all companies outside the EU, it is not mandatory to provide your VAT number, but please mark 'Non EU' in the VAT number section/field. 17% VAT will be charged

Important notes

Logo display

Sponsors' logos will be published on the event's webpage (if included in the selected option) on receipt of the duly signed agreement form and under the condition that you have provided your logo in the correct format (jpg/png for web publication, eps for print). ALFI will make every attempt to maximise all sponsors' visibility in the fairest way, but cannot be made responsible for quality, size or similar issues. Note: The earlier you commit, the earlier you get visibility.

Exhibition space allocation procedure

Agreements received by the deadline for the first round of space allocations (see "deadlines"), will enter on the first priority list for the exhibition space allocation. Agreements received by the deadline for the second round of space allocations (see "deadlines"), will enter on the 2nd priority list for the exhibition space allocation and the same for the third round. Remaining spaces after the third allocation round, will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Within each allocation round, priority will be given to ALFI members and those also being a sponsor of the event. In case of same priority level, the date of receipt of agreement and payment will be taken into consideration.

The floor plan where you can mark your preferred booth locations and selection criteria will be sent closer to the event. ALFI is striving to allocate spaces in the fairest possible way by applying the above space allocation procedure and making every attempt to fulfill your location requests. However, with the high numbers of exhibitors and criteria we cannot offer any guarantee.

Registration procedure for exhibitors’ and sponsors’ representatives

Full access tickets included in your package can be booked on the special registration site/form. This will be sent to the exhibitor’s/sponsor’s main contact person closer to the event. No names are to be provided for the “booth only” tickets. For any additional registrations and group discounts, please refer to the normal registration site. Group bookings have to be made through a special registration form provided on the event's registration webpage.

“Booth only” tickets (exhibitors’ only)

The “booth only” ticket is provided to man/animate the exhibition booth throughout the conference and also during the sessions and therefore permits access to the exhibition area only (conference breaks and lunch included.). It is transferable so that exhibitors can organise a “rolling system” of their booth staff, but exhibitors have to organise the hand-over of the badge in the registration area (outside the exhibition and conference area) as only one company badge will be provided.

  • The “booth only” badge will show the exhibitor’s company name and not any persons’ name
  • Booth staff names are not listed on the delegates list
  • Badges must be worn throughout the conference

special sponsorships

A seated sponsors' lunch will take place in a private room as in the past.

Lunch sponsors are entitled to 3 reserved tables of 10 persons each, i.e. a maximum of 30 guests. As ALFI will also have some tables of honour, please send your list of invitees to so we can avoid inviting the same persons where appropriate.

Important: Guests have to be conference attendees. Representatives of the sponsoring company that are not attending the conference, may join to chair one of the private lunch tables on request. For coordination, please contact prior to the event.

Speaker & Press lounge

Can be booked as exclusive annual or long-term sponsorship (as there are set-up costs involved), in which case the sponsorship would not be made available to other members for the duration of the commitment.

Branding and building of the speaker lounge is at the charge of the sponsor and not included in the sponsorship fee. ALFI will provide and pay for the lounge dressing with tables, chairs and drinks and will provide a hostess for access control.

The lounge is supposed to be a quiet place where speakers and press can prepare their speeches & articles and are not disturbed. Therefore:

  • Access to the lounge is limited to conference speakers, press, VIPs, interview partners of press, ALFI staff and the sponsor's "booth only person". During conference breaks, up to 2 of the sponsors' representatives (full access registrants) may access at the same time.
  • Display of sponsors' brochures in the lounge has to be kept discreet (1 small document stand only). Any other display of materials or promotional items is subject to approval by ALFI.

Badge/Wifi card/Bag/Charging station sponsorship

ALFI will integrate the sponsor's logo on the item's layout and send it to the sponsor for final approval.

This sponsorship does not include any tickets to the conference or the logo on any other conference documents.

Roadshow sponsorship

Sponsors are responsible for the delivery, tracking and return of their materials to and from the seminar venue(s) as well as for organising the accommodation and travel arrangements of their company's representatives.

Kindly limit the number of brochures/distribution items you send (max. 4-5 different ones).

Please carefully read the logistical information that will be sent closer to each roadshow to your contact person nominated on the agreement form.

Updated on 14/12/16  
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