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What’s the ‘How can FinTech facilitate fund distribution’ survey about? | video interview

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Simon Ramos,  Partner, Advisory & Consulting Investment Management, Deloitte Luxembourg speaks about the key findings of the latest FinTech study.

The key findings are first of all that the investments globally in FinTech have evolved since 2009. We are now at 12.2 billion investments in FinTech. We have also found that there are four macro trends that will impact the fund distribution value chain: big data, the new investors’ behaviours, regulation and a technological innovations.
We have also learned during the study that there are real opportunities for Luxembourg asset servicers and management companies to enter into the FinTech opportunities by offering white labelling services for the asset managers for offering robo-advisory technologies or online platforms, but also to create industry initiatives like for example order management improvements and other automations that we create for further efficiencies in the value chain.         

Find the full survey here.

Updated on 30/03/16
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