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The success of ALFI's annual TA & Distribution Forum goes on

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The ALFI TA & Distribution Forum 2015 edition took place on the 18th of November 2015 and was attended by delegates from Luxembourg, the UK, Ireland, the US and even from as far as Singapore.

The ALFI TA & Distribution Forum 2015 edition took place on the 18th of November 2015 and was attended by delegates from Luxembourg, the UK, Ireland, the US and even from as far as Singapore.

Prior to the event, a dedicated social media campaign was launched to highlight the key subject matters to be discussed during the Forum. A series of 12 thought leadership articles were delivered on a daily basis, over 12 days, via the LinkedIn Group ALFI TA & Distribution Forum and Twitter #ALFITA15.

These 12 articles now form part of the dedicated TA Forum library that will keep growing over the years, as and when all TA & Distribution matters are shared via the LinkedIn Group. We have scattered these here for ease of reference under the corresponding subject.

The success of the yearly ALFI TA & Distribution Forum just keeps growing since its existence. From what started as a roundtable discussion of 12 participants in 1999, this year’s TA Forum attracted more than 230 ALFI and non-ALFI members, a blend of TA & distribution operations industry experts, practitioners and service providers as well as asset managers and management companies.

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The making of a global invisible giant

A journey from 1989 to the creation of the ALFI TA Steering Committee

Where is the TA and Distribution Support industry heading?

The fund industry's operating environment being constantly changing due to an evolving regulatory landscape and ongoing market developments, it was an opportune time to ascertain the current shape of TA & Distribution as well as to look ahead to where the TA and Distribution Support industry is heading.

What’s on the minds of TA's these days?

The cornerstone to fostering a safe and robust Distribution Operations value chain

The key theme of this year's ALFI TA & Distribution Forum was “TA 2015 - The cornerstone to fostering a safe and robust Distribution Operations value chain”.

This one-day event allowed participants to discuss the key subject matters that continuously transform Luxembourg’s Global TA & Distribution Operations operating model, namely the influence key regulatory and industry events have had over the last year and key market considerations for the near future. The talks have also featured initiatives taken by Luxembourg fund industry players to ensure the ease of doing business in Luxembourg-domiciled funds.

Alexander Fischer, ALFI TA Steering Committee (TASC) Coordinator

In his introductory speech, ALFI TA Steering Committee (TASC) Coordinator Alexander Fischer covered the state of the Luxembourg fund industry and how the fund distribution operations value chain aligns itself with ALFI’s 2020 Ambition Paper and more specifically with the objective to “ensure Luxembourg remains the fund centre of choice for asset managers".

The day’s chairperson, ALFI TASC Chairman Josée Lynda Denis, introduced the programme, canvassed the audience’s views via live surveys and provided the latest update on the ALFI TASC’s membership (24 member organisations, 32 active members) and working groups as well as its roadmap for 2015/2016. Primarily, the 4 TASC sub-working groups are currently addressing standardisation & automation, Distribution Support Services (DSS), TA regulatory developments & operational requirements and alternative investments operations.

Josée Lynda Denis, ALFI TASC Chairman

All TASC working groups’ subject matters were shared and discussed throughout the day.

The morning’s main theme "Moving towards a safe and robust distribution operations value chain" was covered in 4 distinct sessions, including two panels on KYD and distribution oversight.

Key success factors in fund distribution

Four good reasons not to go "direct"

Distribution – how many pieces to the puzzle?

Do you know your distributors?

More pressure on fund distribution from 4th AML directive

Entering a brave new world...Deep-dive into regulation

During the traditional “Regulation – What Else?” session in the afternoon, a panel of industry experts provided an update on current and imminent regulatory developments and requirements and their impacts on TA & Distribution.

The audience then split up into smaller groups to foster open questions and answers in two consecutive breakout sessions addressing operational subjects that are consistently transforming fund operations these days:

1. Challenges of a distribution landscape in (R)evolution - The automation quest and market infrastructure changes

  • Automation: Latest update on the EFAMA/SWIFT standardisation survey 2015
  • Tomorrow: a market infrastructure in (r)evolution – the case for T2S
  • A disrupted future: digitalisation and new technologie

Sue Lee, ALFI T2S Committee, Head of Cash & Settlement sub-working group

Keith Hale, Executive Vice President, Multifonds IGEFI Group S.à r.l.

Big Data – the future for Transfer Agency

Offshoring: a strategic move for Transfer Agents

2. FOCUS on Alternative Investments

  • Convergence of long-only funds to Alternative Investments
  • AIFMD survey

The long road to alternatives

Alternative UCITS and their operational risks

The full day’s presentations booklet provided to all participants constituted a useful memento of this yearly gathering of like-minded fund industry practitioners.

Since the Luxembourg TA & Distribution Forum community was launched in 1999, this was the 16th edition of the Luxembourg TA & Distribution Forum.

Many thanks to all participants for keeping this event growing strong.

We look forward to welcoming you and your colleagues back for the 2016 ALFI TA Forum !

Updated on 02/12/15
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