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the state of global pension funds: addressing future needs now | webinar

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Join us for another NICSA webinar in the series sponsored by ALFI to hear about the findings of the study "Beyond their borders: evolution of foreign investment by pension funds".

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Pension funds around the world are increasingly looking beyond their borders to address their investment needs according to the  recently released global pension fund report produced by PwC Luxembourg and commissioned by the Association of Luxembourg Fund Industry's (ALFI).

The report - which looks at the growth of pension funds globally, the asset allocation of pension funds on a regional basis and the foreign investment of pension funds - found that South America's pension funds showed the highest growth rate globally, with assets soaring from USD 184 billion (bn) in 2008 to USD 528 bn in 2014, a 19.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

In terms of investing overseas, foreign investment for the pension funds of the majority of OECD countries (excluding the US) accounted for about 25% on average of their total pension investments in 2008, but jumped to almost 31% in 2014.

The webinar will be presented by Dariush Yazdani, Partner of PwC Luxembourg Market Research Centre.

"...even in the midst of new challenges, pension fund managers are facing a future brimming with opportunities. The unique ability of pension funds to focus on long-term investments allows them to absorb short-term volatility while bearing market and liquidity risk through diversification..." – Dariush Yazdani





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The State of Global Pensions Funds: Addressing Future Needs Now from NICSA
Updated on 27/10/15
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