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Why should FinTech start-ups come to Luxembourg? #askalfi

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ALFI recently launched a new campaign on Twitter called #askALFI. Followers can ask questions related to the investment fund industry using hashtag #askALFI and ALFI experts respond to selected questions via short video messages.
Nicolas Mackel, CEO of Luxembourg For Finance, gives several arguments on why Luxembourg is THE place to be for FinTech companies.

Nicolas Mackel says:
Luxembourg is one of the leading financial centres in Europe. Several public and private incubators offer colocation, mentoring and help with sandboxing within Luxembourg’s sophisticated and innovation hungry financial ecosystem. Luxembourg is also an ideal platform to tap into other European financial markets. Last, but not least, Luxembourg’s regulator has a track record of openness to innovation and of responsiveness. They have dedicated resources and fully up to speed with new financial services.

Why should FinTech start-ups come to Luxembourg? from ALFI on Vimeo.

Updated on 28/09/15
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