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Want to understand investing? ALFI’s "understanding investing" website will help

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The Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI) today launches Understanding Investing, an online resource which aims to give people useful information they need about investing.

Commenting on the new initiative, Denise Voss, Chair of the ALFI Investor Forum, said: “It is increasingly important that people take responsibility for their long-term financial security, and the way to do that is to invest, whether directly or through funds and other financial products.  This website gives people information to help them understand investing – why they should invest, what different types of investments there are, what the risks are and how to plan ahead.”

The website starts with the basics and looks at how to start investing and what a financial adviser is. It helps people analyse what sort of investor they are, and outlines different styles of investment. It also explains the structure of funds and how they are regulated.

A series of easy-to-understand podcasts explain investment clearly. ALFI’s first investment podcasts, launched in 2014, cover questions such as How does a UCITS fund work? How can UCITS funds protect investors? and Should I save or invest? A further seven podcasts enable people to plan investments for their particular stage in life and - whether you are a student, young professional, mature adult or retiree - assess the cost of investing and look at what drives the performance of an investment.

Denise Voss concluded: “Having access to information and educational material about investing is essential if people are to build their long-term financial security. ALFI aims to help people understand investing and our new website provides simple and accessible information on a wide range of relevant topics.”

Download the press release in English, French or German.


Updated on 02/04/15
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