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ALFI response to IOSCO’s consultation on cross-border regulation

- ALFI statements

On 23 February 2015, ALFI responded to the consultation on cross-border regulation which was published in November 2014 by IOSCO.

The consultation report describes three cross-border regulatory tools:

  • National treatment;
  • Unilateral and mutual recognition; and
  • Passporting.

Moreover, the report outlines challenges from a regulator’s and stakeholders’ perspective, and lists suggestions on IOSCO’s role regarding cross-border issues.

Based on the feedback received, IOSCO’s task force on cross-border regulation is mandated to develop a cross-border regulatory toolkit, containing common terminology, of regulatory options for use by IOSCO members, and, where appropriate, to lay a foundation for the development of guidance on the coordinated use of the toolkit.

Download the document by clicking here.

Updated on 23/02/15
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